ANY other mod tool not from us will get you banned

3 Hour Lobby (Normal mods NO XP Multiplier)

180 Mins
Z0ne Lobbies

Our most popular lobby, costs £50 for the 3 hours or (£20 per hour).

Unlimited Lobbies*

z0ne Lobbies

Unlimited lobbies (till you reach dark matter) this costs £400.

Hour Lobbies

Z0ne Lobbies

Purchase a 1 hour lobby and grind as hard as you can!(Normal mods NO XP Multiplier) £20/Hr.

How it works

Confirm Payment

As soon as we confirm your payment we will start a lobby and invite you.

Make the most of your time…

Grind and level up like never before.

Small discounts for returning customers

We may* offer discounts for returning customers/referals.


Absolute professional in every aspect! Took the time explained everything to me and made sure I was happy! Lifetime customer right here..
tofriesanashake (Discord)
Good service, top notch customer service. Well worth it. Will definitely be back for more sessions..
iDesean (Discord)
I purchased many times for many hours and always loved the experience. Great guy!!.
ZombiePolizei (Discord)
Very good service and quickresponses. Loved the lobby he hosted and im def buying more in the future. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Voixzh (Discord)

Level up YOUR WAY!

  • 3 players MAX
  • Amazing support
  • We ARE z0ne Lobbies

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